About Us

We’re a London-based provider of specialist mortgage and lending advice to individuals and businesses across the country. Our team has the expertise to cover all aspects of property finance, with the Director alone having gained 18 years’ experience in banking and corporate finance.

We provide a bespoke service tailored to clients’ specific needs. Our approach utilises a six-stage process the key elements of which are: First meeting; Research and analysis; Confirmation of activities; Recommendation report; Implementation, and Ongoing services.

At our first meeting (which we provide at our own expense and without obligation), we discuss your personal financial objectives in detail, explain the benefits of our service and outline our fee structure. If you’re happy to proceed, you can then appoint us to act on your behalf.

Based on our initial dialogue, we review your existing financial arrangements and personal circumstances. This in-depth research and analysis stage identifies the most suitable products and providers to help achieve your financial goals, and allows us to produce a confirmation of activities.

We’ll then meet you again to present our findings and recommendations. Our recommendation report will include specific products we believe best meet your requirements, with everything clearly explained, including any unfamiliar jargon.

If you’re happy to work with us, we’ll then begin the implementation stage. We’ll make the process clear and straightforward, helping you fill in any forms. As our aim is to work with clients over the long term, we also make arrangements to keep in contact as part of our ongoing services.




Want to know more?

Call us for a friendly chat on 02039 074 111 or info@londonfinancebrokers.co.uk